Living Enhanced.

Works harmoniously to enhance lifestyle.

KASTA works smart behind the scenes to make even the smallest spaces a dynamic place to live. The simple-to-use, intuitive app gives homeowners the flexibility to change the mood of a room and modify schedules and timers with a touch of a button.

Easy to set-up. Seamless in integration.


Switch your KASTA smart lighting on/off, dim light levels and program lighting to suit your mood and use, all while enjoying energy efficiency benefits.


Take control of your energy consumption by automatically switching off unused appliances, schedule the closure of blinds during the warmer parts of the day or activate a master off scene when leaving home or going to bed.

Voice control

Easily control your devices without fumbling for a switch or overstretching for a powerpoint through simple commands via your smart speaker.

Remote access

Check in and control your KASTA devices remotely. Never leave the iron on again!

Your lifestyle. Your way.

See how KASTA can enhance your lifestyle.

Living Enhanced starts at your fingertips.

With the KASTA app, one touch can take control of your whole home ecosystem.

Designed to work seamlessly throughout your home, connecting to your smart devices and creating limitless possibilities to personalise and control your home in one simple, intuitive app.

Control and personalise your whole home; from opening garage doors, turning lights on, opening curtains, controlling the TV power, controlling air movement & temperature, switching on irrigation and much more.

Simpler. Smarter. Affordable.

Designed for hotel, residential and commercial builders, KASTA smart products install as simply as an intelligent switch and offer seamless control of your environment from your fingertips.

Completely modular without compromising on sophistication, KASTA delivers an exceptional experience that will enhance lifestyle.

Say hello to the next generation of smart control.

Dynamic experiences. Defined spaces.

A seamless visual experience.

Complementing modern architectural aesthetics with smart components, whilst matching traditional electrical fittings – the collection of KASTA products ensure consistency in look and design throughout the building, residence, hotel or dwelling.

Innovation that excites.

KASTA Technologies is devoted to developing sophisticated technology to Enhance Lifestyle.

Based on wireless Bluetooth technology and no additional cabling, unlike more complex systems on the market.
IoT ready and completely scalable, to seamlessly integrate into the automation platform ecosystem, allowing the customer to grow their automation and controls system as and when required.

Australian Designed

Local engineering. Cutting edge technology to suit Australian lifestyles.

Tech Support

Pre-sale and post sale service facilities located across the country. Technical and solution support for projects.

3 Year Warranty

KASTA Technologies offers a benchmark warranty of three years on all products.

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