Living Enhanced.

We provide simpler and smarter control solutions.

Scene control
Setup simple scene control solutions and create personalised atmospheres at the touch of a button.

Energy management

Take control of your energy consumption by monitoring usage and minimising wastage, all through the simple KASTA app.

Voice control

Enjoy hands-free control through your smart speakers

Remote access

Check in and control your KASTA devices remotely

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

All KASTA devices are proudly designed and engineered in Australia, to suit Australian lifestyles. 

We offer a range of dynamic control solutions that can be integrated with third party devices and platforms for a complete connected space, while its modular form allows for flexible scalability to suit changing requirements. 

The next generation of smart control solutions is here.

KASTA works harmoniously to enhance lifestyle.

KASTA seamlessly integrates with other third party platforms, providing a flexible and simple control solution for a truly connected environment.

Through the simple-to-use KASTA app, users can setup custom Scene Control as part of their personalised control solution. For Scene Control, a set range of device actions are triggered by the simple touch of a button, or the sound of a voice command, or even a pre-defined schedule.  

Battery powered handheld remote device in-situ lifestyle

“The room will actually welcome you. By using your key to open the door, lights softly turn on, and your sheers and curtains open so you can see the beautiful view, both during the day and at night. It’s very soft and very seamless.”

– Natalie Durant, VIC
WiFi Gateway device in-situ lifestyle

Innovation that excites, R&D you can trust, and control solutions that inspire.

The team at KASTA Technologies share a strong commitment to the highest quality of research and development, design, manufacturing, service and support. 

Dynamic experiences. Defined spaces.

KASTA combines modern architectural aesthetics with smart components, whilst also matching traditional Australian electrical fittings.  
The collection of KASTA products ensure consistency throughout the building, residence, hotel or dwelling, and aim to bring a sense of luxury to all applications.

Luxury display loft

A multi-residential development

Melbourne central's new hotel development

New display home in Pelican Waters, Queensland

A premium hospitality provider

Sydney’s new hotel development

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