KASTA is a next generation home automation lifestyle solution that is making smart home control systems more accessible for consumers.

KASTA Smart Lifestyle Solutions brings smart home control to more Australians with a new seamless approach to enhancing the everyday lifestyle of consumers. KASTA addresses the need for a simpler, more affordable smart control product in the market. It’s a completely modular product range allowing for scalability in application, without compromising on control.

KASTA fulfils the need for a powerful and clever system to smarten the homes of today and deliver smart homes of the future. Incorporating modern connectivity, reliable technology and a familiar wiring approach, installation is easy, making KASTA perfect for new residential construction and home renovations.

In contrast to other smart technology systems, KASTA’s traditional 2-way wiring and relay technology means the system can be efficiently installed into an established building by utilising existing switch and power outlets, saving time and money.

The KASTA product range offers game-changing benefits to builders, electrical contractors and consumers alike. The self-managing wireless mesh-network means the system does not need to connect to WiFi, making it secure and simple to set up.

KASTA represents the next generation in seamlessly integrated smart lifestyle enhancements. KASTA provides people with the ability to control, manage and monitor their home, saving energy, increasing safety and helping them create the perfect ambience at any time of day – just how they like. With KASTA’s user-friendly app, customising and configuring home devices is a breeze, and day-to-day control is as simple as turning on or off a traditional wall switch.

For contractors and builders, KASTA is easy to install with a range of products that use simple 2-way wire connections. Unlike more complex systems on the market, KASTA can be installed by any qualified electrician, is easy to retrofit to an existing home, and is completely scalable, allowing households to build on their KASTA system in the future, easily and affordably.