Ceiling Fan Controls – The most exciting addition to modern ceiling fans is the ability to install smart controls

Beyond traditional methods we expect many different ways to interact with our ceiling fans today and with the recent addition of smart controls, there is now more choice than ever.

The KASTA Bluetooth Ceiling Fan Controller delivers versatile and clever ways to control your ceiling fans, such as from – wireless multi-way push button wall switches, the KASTA app on your mobile device or by using a handheld remote, where all incorporate on, off and 3-speed control.

Enhance your lifestyle with added comfort and convenience. Tailor the control to fit into your lifestyle and the way you live. Simplify daily operations when controlling one or multiple ceiling fans. Increase your energy efficiency by controlling the ceiling fans in a room by introducing convenient, seamless and intelligent control prior to reaching for the air conditioning controller.

Utilising KASTA’s group control feature, multiple ceiling fans can be combined in a single area or even across multiple rooms for control at the same time from a single button push. Switch multiple fans on, off and change speeds seamlessly and easily. Save energy by switching all fans off when leaving or at the end of the day.

KASTA automation functions allow you to create your desired environment whether relaxing or entertaining, using functions such as scenes, schedules and timers. Incorporate ceiling fans with other KASTA devices such as lighting or curtains and blinds for broader automated control of a room, area or entire home/building. Good Morning and Master Off scenes take on a whole new meaning with more functions and devices.

Smart fan control adds convenience, functionally and energy saving features to today’s ceiling fans. With standout features such as multi-way and group control, timers, schedules and scenes, the KASTA Ceiling Fan Controller will provide comfort and energy saving features to your home or building. Suitable for new construction and retrofit installations to give you choice and convenience when purchasing a new ceiling fan or upgrading your current fan.

To learn more about KASTA Ceiling Fan Control, Please visit: https://bit.ly/38SMFCI

Design driven automation to stand out amongst the crowd

Project: The BelleVue, South Melbourne VIC
Developer – Midland Property

Situated prestigiously within the exclusive postcode of South Melbourne, The BelleVue features eleven boutique 5 level townhouses. Sophisticated in design with uncompromised interiors that redefine luxury and captivating rooftop views.
The pinnacle of luxury living is evidenced by thoughtful the design, contemporary considerations and the state-of-the-art modern fittings has continued to include KASTA Technologies home automation and controls.

KASTA Technologies package offers a ‘Living Enhanced’ experience to the buyer with scalability for future technology needs. The developer will be offering a seamless and exciting package with every property but still are time and cost-effective in the construction. In addition, meet the buyers changing lifestyle, home/work balance, ever-changing technologies and expectations of home automation delivering a project point of difference.

The Bellevue with KASTA Technologies sets a new standard of sophistication with connected lighting throughout, utilising KASTA Hesperus Integral Wall Light Switches. Enabling moods and scenes when you walk through the door as you arrive home, when you relax, when you wake up in the morning fresh, want to go to sleep easily or entertain on the signature rooftop space. It all blends to the design and quality of The Bellevue and its interior fittings that ultimately create harmonious living for all its residents. Further, The Bellevue will include a KASTA Intelligent Door Lock. Mounted proudly on the entry door into each residence, with superior security and cutting-edge technology. When you enter, it will join with the lights to create a welcome scene, when you lock up it will turn all your lighting off. The KASTA Intelligent Door Lock can even be controlled while you are away from home to let your friends of family in if you are not there.

Additionally, and due to KASTA Technologies scalability. The developer is offering upgrade packages for the purchasers to select with additional, curtain & blind control, smart power points for appliances to help conserve energy and voice control.

BelleVue South Melbourne, beautiful Inside and out. When the lines between being inside and outside blurs. Unhindered, co-existent living with nature begins.

A traditional yet sophisticated palette of materials has been chosen to emphasize the minimalistic, refined form of this modern home.

Compromising on neither style nor functionality, The BelleVue pays true respect to delivering unique sophisticated modern home with the state-of-the-art technology behind the door.

For more on KASTA Technologies visit: kasta.com.au
For more on The BelleVue, South Melbourne by Midland Property visit: bellevuesouthmelbourne.com.au

Over 50’s Living Enhanced

Project: GemLife Over-50s Living Maroochydore
Developer: Living Gems

GemLife over-50s living in Maroochydore, coastal haven for lovers of the Sunshine Coast’s unspoiled beaches. Vibrance, sophistication and a passion for the finer things in life are all on offer at GemLife Maroochy Quays, a master-planned community resort designed to bring people together for the best years of their lives.

Designed for a new generation of over 50’s and lifestyle balance. GemLife over-50s resorts provide independent living with a focus on health, wellbeing and social interaction. Many residents are still working and want a low-maintenance lifestyle to spend more time doing the things they love. With a focus on high quality and engaged living, GemLife delivers an exceptional blend of first-class meticulously designed, modern, stylish homes with KASTA smart home technology.

GemLife residences offer KASTA Technologies Intelligent Home Controls that are cost effective in construction and simple to program. In addition, deliver on meeting buyer needs – lifestyle, home/work balance, ever changing technologies, expectations of simple home automation and delivering a project point of different.

All residences offer the choice of TWO additional KASTA Technologies upgrade packages including:

Smart Lighting Control via the stylish in wall switch controls to the common areas of the Villa. These include the control of: Garage, Laundry, Kitchen, Dining, Living, Alfresco, Hallway & Porch/Entry lights. KASTA Fan Control in the dining, Living & Alfresco areas. Plus, simple KASTA app control of all devices with ‘Scenes’, schedules, timers & more.

  • KASTA Smart Dimmer Mechanism
  • KASTA Smart Relay Switch Mechanism
  • KASTA Smart AC Fan 3 Speed Control Module
  • KASTA Smart Mains Powdered Button Mechanism- for multi-way, group & Scene control
    Smart Lighting Control via the stylish in wall switch controls to all lights, fans, exhaust fan/Heat Lamps in your Villa. These include the control of: Garage, Laundry, Drying Court, Kitchen, Pantry, Dining, Living, Alfresco, Hallway, Porch/ Entry lights, Study, Bathroom, Bedroom 2,3, Master Bedroom WIR, & En-suite. KASTA Fan Control in the dining, Living & Alfresco areas. Plus, simple app control of all devices with ‘Scenes’, schedules, timers & more.

    Other KASTA Smart Device options available:

  • Curtain / Blind Controls
  • Garage Door Control
  • Front Door Control
  • Outdoor Electric Heaters
  • PIR Sensor Control
  • Heated Towel Rail Control
  • Lights, RGBW Downlights, RGB Strip Lighting, Lamp for ambience
  • Irrigation Control
  • Appliances (Smart power points)
  • Gateway Connect Module- Voice control with Google Home & Alexa & Offsite/Remote Access Control
  • Well-designed smart home controls help improve comfort, enhance lifestyle, increase sense of security, and promote a sense of wellbeing for the homeowner. KASTA Technologies package offers an ‘Living Enhanced’ experience to the buyer with scalability for future technology needs.

    For more on KASTA Technologies visit: kasta.com.au
    For more on GemLife Maroochydore visit: gemlife.com.au/gemlife-maroochydore-resort

    Retrofit! It is that easy.

    Project: Watsons Grove Epping
    Developer: SJD Group
    Builder: Ceerose
    Architect: Baker Kavanagh Architects

    Watsons Grove is an oasis home in Epping’s evolving heart. A premium development of 141 residences over three buildings and 6 levels, takes an elegant approach to passive design. This project was met with industry acclaim and was a finalist for both the World Architecture Festival 2018 and Property Council Innovation Awards 2018.

    It is not just about new builds – KASTA Adds Value to Post Completion (PC) Too
    KASTA Technologies was invited to incorporate home automation after the completion of the building. A retrofit solution was required to convert existing apartments with Intelligent devices that can be incorporated into the property. Providing a platform for SJD Group to promote and market connected apartments to their would-be purchasers or for their already existing purchasers to promote a smart rental apartment to prospective tenants.

    Traditionally a smart home installation would require a building to be under construction, or to open up the walls and rewire the entire property. Not in this case! KASTA Technologies offers genuine retrofit integration solutions without any additional cabling or major infrastructure change.

    Product offering enhanced living experience
    There were 13 traditionally switched lighting circuits around the apartment using HPM Arteor wall plates. All either turning On/Off the ceiling downlights, strips in the bathrooms and kitchen, stair wall lights or the balcony light.

    KASTA Smart Dimmer and Relay Mech’s replaced all the 13-existing rocker mechs that were in the HPM plates to create an automated apartment from the KASTA App. But further, KASTA used many of their versatile Battery Slave Switches called the RBO2 (with a battery life of 2-3 years or 50,000 presses) to save scenes such as Welcome, Goodbye, Bedtime & Good Morning (in each bedroom), TV Mode, Entertain etc in the same wall switches as were previously there.

    This being the biggest value proposition of KASTA, being able to create considerably more functionality from an existing property.
    To ensure complete useability, every switch cover had a Pictogram Icon installed on it (a KASTA option extra) that signifies exactly what that button’s function is for. Pictures speak a thousand words.

    The hand over process was simple too. For every time an apartment was finished, a QR code of that apartment is created in the KASTA App. Which is then downloaded, given to SJD Group and they can provide that to their purchaser or the purchaser to the tenant to scan and bingo! That person or family has access to the Smart KASTA Apartment upon arrival.


  • Each apartment took an average of 3hr and 23 minutes to complete (average 22 minutes of that was programming)
  • Original wall plates installed were HPM Arteor. So new cover plates need to be purchased according to the amount of gangs being added for functionality
  • Pictograms were custom ordered to suit the typical HPM Arteor 30mech design. However, an adapter for HPM Excel is standard in the box when purchasing a KASTA Smart Mech
  • The perfect solution
    Developer, now have the ability to offer sophisticated home controls that are time and cost effective during and post construction process, plus also provide the buyer simple and scalable home control solutions.

    Connecting you to a smarter lifestyle is quick and easy with KASTA technology. Unlike many complex smart home automation systems, KASTA uses reliable, self-networking, mesh technology to connect your home lighting and appliances. The system connects devices wirelessly, so there is no requirement for an internet or Wi-Fi connection. KASTA need only be connected to power, just like a traditional switch.

    Any electrician can install and setup your new KASTA Lifestyle Solution, and what’s more, the whole system can be easily customised and reconfigured by you at any time using the KASTA App.

    KASTA uses reliable Bluetooth connectivity, so it’s ready to go out of the box, with no internet or Wi-Fi connection required for operation.

    For more on KASTA Technologies visit: kasta.com.au

    Understanding a person’s typical life where smart home can be of value is key

    There is still a level of confusion that the majority of consumers have about smart home. And the confusion is down to two justified questions. “What do I actually get?” & “What will it actually do for me?”.
    Unfortunately, for a lot of smart home brands they still fall in to the trap of advertising and marketing their products or widgets and the features those product or widgets can provide…
    While these may make up the experience one eventually gets in their smart home. It’s pieces to the puzzle and it’s not the “smartest” way to portray – pun intended of “What do I actually get?” & “What will it actually do for me?”.

    Thankfully KASTA Technologies through extensive research has created a number of packages. Which provide an understanding of the experience, not the product that someone should have.
    Of course budget comes into play but given the expansive options KASTA Technologies has, what is in the package doesn’t matter. Because regardless the experience can be met for the purchaser – as advertised. These packages range from and not limited to:

    ENTRY LEVEL, covering:
    – LIVING
    – DINING

    STANDARD, covering:
    – LIVING
    – WIR

    LUXURY, covering:
    – LIVING
    – WIR
    – GARAGE
    – BED 2
    – BED 3
    – 2nd BATHROOM
    – STAIRS

    Each package delivers an increase in the number of moods, effects, timers, schedules and lifestyle experiences that enable the home owner or tenant even in a rental property an opportunity to have “Living Enhanced” in a true “this is what you actually get”& “This is what it actually does for you” package.

    Of course the number of products and price increase with every package as you option up but, the focus is on the fact you’re paying for a bigger and greater experience. Not unlike economy class, business class and first class.
    KASTA Technologies is pleased to present these packages without the intimidation of being bombarded with products like other smart home offers can.

    For more information on KASTA Technologies https://kasta.com.au/contact
    Or contact us by Email: info@kasta.com.au or Phone – (02) 9168 5900

    Living Enhanced with Trilogy Kangaroo Point

    Case Study
    Trilogy, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane QLD
    Developer – Arden Group
    Integrator – Harvey Norman Commercial QLD

    Trilogy, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane QLD

    Technologically advanced luxury residential building
    Trilogy Kangaroo Point sets a new standard of international design, adorning Brisbane’s new-world city skyline with this iconic landmark. As one of Australia’s most technologically advanced luxury residential buildings, this unprecedented offering delivers unparalleled residents’ facilities and on-site retail, dining and entertainment in a stunning merger of exemplary amenity, cutting-edge technology and ultimate convenience. KASTA Technologies delivering scalable home control solutions across 517 Trilogy apartments.

    Stand out different amongst the crowd
    Developer Arden Group set out for a new benchmark in ‘Living Experience’ for the Trilogy Kangaroo Point project, following their in-depth analyses of changing buyer needs and expectations. The challenge was to meet the buyers changing lifestyle, home/work balance, ever changing technologies and expectations of home automation delivering a project point of different.

    Product offering enhanced living experience
    The ‘Technology Solutions’ team from Harvey Normal Commercial QLD, accredited KASTA Technologies partner recommended KASTA home control solutions to suit the Trilogy project. These technology packages offer a ‘Living Enhanced’ experience to the buyer with scalability for future technology needs. For the developer, they now have the ability to offer sophisticated home controls that are time and cost effective in the construction process, plus also provide the buyer simple and scalable home control solutions.

    All apartments come with KASTA Lighting & Fan Controls, Home Gateway with Voice Control, along with Temperature Control, Security, Intercom and Virtual Key and Bluetooth Entry. All accessible from a central controller within the apartment. The system will also include simple app control via apple or android devices.

    The limited 3 & 4 bed penthouses include Fan & Blind Control with various inclusions for AV & Multi Room Control. Additional tailored upgrade options are available to meet individual needs and requirements.

    Experience KASTA Technologies
    KASTA technologies experience is available at the Trilogy, Kangaroo Point display showroom located at Corner of Mark Lane & Lahey Lane, Kangaroo Point.

    For more on KASTA Technologies visit: https://kasta.com.au/contact or Phone – (02) 9168 5900
    For more on Trilogy Kangaroo Point by Arden Group visit: trilogy-kangaroopoint.com.au

    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur

    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur
    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur


    There is no doubt that COVID-19 has brought a tremendous impact to the property market that no one could have evaded. Aside from significant reduction in hospitality turnover and empty offices due to social distancing policy, COVID-19 may act as a catalyst to blur the lines between apartments, offices, and hospitalities design.

    Before the pandemic, we can already see new high-end apartments and co-working offices integrating with hospitality in both design and services. Spa, pet care, and private dining rooms for residents; vertical integration between retail precinct and apartments; cafes, gyms, and even pilates studios within offices. Lifestyle has changed from having a clear identification of where to work, live, and entertain, to a highly accessible blend of our day to day activities.

    Now we are having more percentage of people working from home than ever, online shopping and delivery being more common than ever, and therefore the blend of day to day activities becomes a norm as everything happens at home now. This trend is going to change what apartment buyers may look for in terms of the amenities, security, and apartment layout.

    1. Apartments with study areas or study rooms are still a minority in the current market, but people may start looking for a proper home office after they faced the frustration of sharing the dining table with family members whilst having a Zoom conference. As businesses are adopting the work from home model, it may become a long-term practice even after the pandemic. Conference facilities can be highly favourable by some apartment buyers.

    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur
    The International, Brighton

    2. It is still very common for the delivery company to leave a card in the letter box when people are not at home for a parcel delivery, but as online shopping becomes more common people may look for better solutions such as shared lockers in the mail room. Afterall, the trend is that people are writing less letters and placing more orders online.

    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur
    The Hub locker by Amazon

    3. Security and privacy concerns come along with convenience. There are occasions that we want to grant access to non-residents without handing them a key. A visiting friend arriving early when you are still on the way home, an Airbnb customer who is only staying for 2 days, a furniture delivery that certainly can’t fit in a locker etc. Being able to grant limited access via a smart system may get more common as more activities happen at home.

    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur
    Kasta smart system

    4. Health and wellbeing have undoubtedly become one of the most important topics recently. Aside from short term practices of using hand sanitizers and face masks, there are long term influences on people’s awareness in their health. The focus of amenities within or around a potential home may be switched from bars, fine restaurants and shopping areas, to spas, gyms, and greeneries or parks nearby. Ventilations and natural lights may also weigh more when selecting apartment layout.

    Line between apartments, offices, and hospitality become a blur
    The Eighth, South Melbourne

    The COVID-19 pandemic is definitely a crisis in many aspects, including the property market. However, when there is a disturbance, changes will come short after. Developers will have to adapt the changes and be a step ahead of it.

    Source: https://www.urban.com.au/news/line-between-apartments-offices-and-hospitality-become-a-blur
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