Control solution case study Ribbon Hotel
Control solution case study Ribbon Hotel

The Ribbon is a breathtaking new hotel development set to transform Sydney’s skyline and become a new gateway to the western side of the city’s CBD.


To reshape the way a connected building such as a 6-star hotel is both electrically and technologically maintained without having to depend on highly skilled electricians or system integrator specialists for the simplest of tasks.


From a capital expenditure perspective, KASTA represented a major advantage, not just for its low cost and easy installation, but in stark contrast with traditional hotel solutions, for its ability to easily meet the challenge of seamlessly integrating their electrical and technical systems.

The KASTA solution included lighting, electrical accessories, smart sensors, blind controls, and HVAC connectivity, resulting in the ultimate high-class experience for all guests at The Ribbon.


By using the proposed combination of KASTA and Haneco Lighting products, The Ribbon benefited from a uniquely agile solution that allowed them to meet the statement of exclusivity that has set them apart as leaders in hospitality innovation.

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