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How do I restore a KASTA unit to factory setting?

For the Dimmer, Relay and Battery Switch devices you will short press the push button input 9 times in quick succession to reset the device, removing it from the network and deleting any programming.

How many Apps/Devices can be on a single KASTA mesh network?

1 App phone connection is possible per mains powered connected KASTA device. (Battery Switches do not count).
Maximum number of networks on one phone or tablet is ten.
Recommended maximum number of devices per network is 100.

Do I create a mesh network using button presses or with the App?

All KASTA networks must be created by using the App. Firstly a Bluetooth Mesh network with a security PIN is set up by using the APP. Then KASTA devices are added to the network using the APP.

What happens if a KASTA device fails? Must I reprogram?

Yes. If a device fails you lose the program but you can simply replace a failed KASTA device and then add it to the network using the APP and reprogram any lost settings

How many RB02 could be paired with single device for Multiway dimming/switching?

The maximum number is 8

Load Compatibility

Can the KASTA switch be used to control a cooling fan?

Yes, you can use a KASTA switch device to control a fan up to 100W. You cannot use a dimmer to control speed but can only use the switch to turn the fan on and off.

Can I turn off the dimming function and convert the Push Button Smart Dimmer device to a switch to control a non-dimmable load?

No, you cannot disable the dimming function and dimmers should not be used to control non-dimmable loads.

Do KASTA switches only work with Haneco downlights?

No, subject to product compatibility and minimum load, KASTA switch devices operate with most common lighting brands. For dimming, you should check compatibility prior to installation.

Are the Load Bypass Capacitors provided with 2-wire KASTA devices the same as a Load Correction Capacitor?

Yes. They are similar but it is recommended to only use those supplied with the KASTA device.

What are the minimum load requirements?

2-Wire devices are the only units with limitation. For the switch module it is 15W and for the dimmer module it is 3W.



How does KASTA hardware behave through issues with 240VAC supply such as power cycles or surges?

All KASTA devices have some limited inbuilt surge and overload protection. Once power is returned devices return to previous setting.


Do KASTA devices operate with Bluetooth mesh?


How do I secure my KASTA mesh network?

Upon creating a mesh network, you are prompted to create a PIN to secure the network. Like any PIN number this needs to be kept confidential.

Do we have profiles to restrict access to rooms/features?

Currently there is no method of restricting access using profiles. If an area needs limited access, then a different mesh network must be used.

Are PINs mesh network specific?

Yes, a PIN is specific to a particular mesh network, it allows access to that mesh network by anyone who has that PIN entered into their KASTA APP.

Will the mesh network (2.4GHz) be affected by bandwidth limitations in environments with a significant number of WiFi (2.4GHz) networks? Eg. Apartments.

No. KASTA mesh network should not be affected by WiFi which is on a different channel.

Manual Control

Can I use KASTA switches and dimmers without Bluetooth control?

Yes, the KASTA range of switches and dimmers will function as a normal device without Bluetooth connectivity however to secure the device a Mesh PIN number needs to be added via the APP. Without the PIN anyone can connect to the device using a phone.

Can KASTA switch turn ON/OFF a contactor (relay) to control large loads (e.g. 2400 W) like house heater, swimming pool fan?

Yes, the KASTA Smart Switch can be used for this application to drive a relay with a 240VAC coil but you must observe the minimum power specification that may require a load bypass capacitor.

Do all KASTA products have to be installed in the same electrical circuit?

No, all functions are possible across multiple circuits provided they are in the same KASTA Bluetooth mesh network.

App Support


Does the KASTA app have a HELP page?

Yes, this addresses most of the common navigation requirements of the app.

How do I update my app?

Android users, go to Google Play Store to update to the latest version of KASTA Smart app.

iOS users, go to iOS app store to download the latest version of KASTA Smart app.

Note that you do not need to uninstall your current KASTA app before updating to the new app.

Can I back-up or restore my KASTA project?

No, all programming lives on the App or in the KASTA devices. However, you can make a duplicate of the current setup onto a second device using the SYNC function. If you make a change you will need to resync to refresh the backup.

Do names/labels of buttons, groups etc live in the KASTA device or in the App?

Tags/Labels such as Group/Scene/Schedule names etc live within the App only. However, you can make a duplicate of the current setup onto a second devices using the SYNC function.

Do all Apps connected to this mesh network see these labels?

The App sets up the tags and these can only be transferred between mobile devices using QR codes using the SYNC function. These tags do not reside in the devices.
Both mobile devices must be on the same WiFi network to transfer data.
After the transfer tags/labels can be changed on each phone but then the setup will be non-synchronised.

Once a KASTA unit is part of a mesh network is it ‘hidden’ from other networks or pairing requests?


If ‘User A’ creates a function (scenes etc) can ‘User B’ operate them with their App?

Transferable with the App QR scan, then operable.

If ‘User A’ creates a function (scenes etc) can ‘User B’ change them with their App?

Yes, ‘User B’ can change them with their app and the QR code User B generates can share the new configuration.

Which version of Bluetooth do we support?


Which Mobile Operating systems are supported?

iOS 9 and later, Android 4.0 and later.

What is the maximum number of KASTA mesh networks per App?


What happens if I lose my phone?

Unfortunately, your programming is lost, QR transfer from another App device is the only method of restoration. Programming cannot be retrieved from KASTA devices but will continue as the last programmed settings.



How does ADD DEVICE work?

App must be used.
App scans available devices.
Choose a device to add to the mesh network.
Interact with KASTA device to confirm connection to mesh network.
– Factory reset devices can be simply added to the APP
– Battery devices require plastic tab removal followed by 9 clicks

Do I need to Add a Remote Smart Switch device to enable its operation?

Yes, you must Add the Remote Smart Switch device with the KASTA app and then link to the desired device to allow operation of the multi-way switching. See the installation instructions for simple linking instructions.

Do I need to PAIR a two-way switch device to enable its operation?

Yes, you must PAIR the switch devices to allow operation of the two/multi-way switching. See the installation instructions for simple PAIRING instructions.

How do I add a new device to an existing mesh network?

Search for device in the KASTA app Device menu. Select device. Add to network.

For MODULE KASTA units, do you require a bell press for pairing?

No, the KASTA App can add a factory reset device and control a device without a bell press push button. You can then pair with an RB02 or use the APP to control the device.

Once a KASTA unit is part of a mesh network is it ‘hidden’ from other networks or pairing requests?


How many Timers can be supported on each KASTA device?

Up to 6 timers can be supported.


What is the difference between Pairing and Grouping?

Pairing is linking a remote to a device for remote control. Grouping is grouping multiple devices and have them perform the same function (all lights 40%).


What is a Scene?

A scene is a single one-off command sent to a number of devices simultaneously. Each device can have a custom setting such as on or off or a specific dim level.

How do I send a Scene command?

A scene command can either be sent from the APP or sent from a battery remote that has been set up using the APP as a scene button.


Does the KASTA timer feature require a KASTA switch or dimmer to operate?

Yes, the Timers in KASTA must be associated with a physical device.

How do I set the KASTA Timer?

This function must be set for the device via the KASTA app under the Timers tab.

What is the maximum value of timers?

24 hours.

What is the minimum value of timers?

1 minute.


After setting “schedule” in KASTA app, what will happen if I turn off my phone, or if I take my phone out? Will the “schedule” keep working?

Yes. Once set, the “schedule” will continue to work as long as there is power supplied to the KASTA devices.

After setting “schedule” in KASTA app, what will happen if the electricity is cut off and comes back again? Will the “schedule” keep working?

The schedule will not work during a power outage. Once the power is back on, simply turn on the app and the schedule will reset to the correct time.

In KASTA app, once “schedule” is set, can the “schedule” adjust with Australia Daylight Saving automatically?

Unfortunately, this auto function is not available as KASTA does not collect any system data or have any internet data communication.

How many Schedules can be supported on each KASTA device?

Up to 8 Schedules can be supported.


What is the ROOM function?

The room function allows you to structure the controls based on the rooms in the house. A photo of each room can be taken and devices overlaid on the photo. To control the devices you point to them in the photo.

Firmware Management

Does a Firmware upgrade wipe programming?


Is Firmware down-gradable?

No. The PAP will retrieve the latest version from the server.

Can we perform a mass Firmware change across all devices in a mesh network?

No. Only one device per time.

What happens if power is lost during a firmware upgrade? Fall-back state or damaged?

In the majority of cases it should revert to previous settings. It is possible that the product may be permanently damaged if the update is stopped part way through.

Can functional parameters be written during or post firmware update?

No. The user must wait until update is complete.


How do I delete my account?

Reset APP to factory.

Why must I enter an email address when I create a network?

This is just used as a unique identifier at the moment.

How do I know if my KASTA app is up to date?

Open the settings menu on the upper right corner of the app and select About.

How do I log into my account?

Open the Settings menu on the upper right corner of the app. User profile will show the logged in user.

Why can I not access the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Please enable the Internet because the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are hosted online.

Is my personal data going to third parties?


If a Battery Switch loses charge, what happens? Reprogramming? Re-pairing to mesh network?

Memory function is enabled, and settings are remembered.