Bluetooth Switch Relay

Smart Wireless Switch Relay that fits in behind a standard wall plate and connects to a momentary button. It can be manually operated, and controlled via the free KASTA app or programmed for automated operation.


  • Mains powered switch relay
  • 3 wire connection for power and load, with 2 wire connection for momentary push button mechanism
  • Short press for on/off control
  • Wireless Bluetooth Mesh communication
  • Can be paired with KASTA remote switches for multi-way control
  • Configured and controlled using the KASTA app (iOS and Android)
  • Group and Scene functions
  • Timer and Scheduling functions
  • Suits all Australian wall plates using a momentary mechanism
  • 3 year warranty


Residential dwellings, Apartments, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Accommodation, New construction, Retrofit & Renovation


Power Supply                                          220-240VAC 50HZ

Physical Connection Type                    Terminals

Wiring Connections                               Active, Neutral, Load &
                                                                     Momentary Mechanism

Momentary Input (T1/T2)                      Local signal input only
                                                                     (not 240VAC)

LED Load Power                                      2W-2400W

Operating Ambient Temperature      -20 to 40°

Thermal Derating                                    25 to 40° (2400W-1200W)

Wireless Range                                        Up to 30m open air
                                                                      Up to 20m (typical indoors,
                                                                      depending on building materials)

Form Factor                                              Module (puck)

Housing Material                                     Polycarbonate (PC)

Multi-gang Derating                               2=1800W, 3=1320W

Standards Complied                               CoS SAA 183649
                                                                      AS/NZS 60669.2.1
                                                                      AS/NZS 60669.1
                                                                      AS/NZS 4268
                                                                      AS/NZS CISPR15