Ceiling Fan Controls – The most exciting addition to modern ceiling fans is the ability to install smart controls

Beyond traditional methods we expect many different ways to interact with our ceiling fans today and with the recent addition of smart controls, there is now more choice than ever.

The KASTA Bluetooth Ceiling Fan Controller delivers versatile and clever ways to control your ceiling fans, such as from – wireless multi-way push button wall switches, the KASTA app on your mobile device or by using a handheld remote, where all incorporate on, off and 3-speed control.

Enhance your lifestyle with added comfort and convenience. Tailor the control to fit into your lifestyle and the way you live. Simplify daily operations when controlling one or multiple ceiling fans. Increase your energy efficiency by controlling the ceiling fans in a room by introducing convenient, seamless and intelligent control prior to reaching for the air conditioning controller.

Utilising KASTA’s group control feature, multiple ceiling fans can be combined in a single area or even across multiple rooms for control at the same time from a single button push. Switch multiple fans on, off and change speeds seamlessly and easily. Save energy by switching all fans off when leaving or at the end of the day.

KASTA automation functions allow you to create your desired environment whether relaxing or entertaining, using functions such as scenes, schedules and timers. Incorporate ceiling fans with other KASTA devices such as lighting or curtains and blinds for broader automated control of a room, area or entire home/building. Good Morning and Master Off scenes take on a whole new meaning with more functions and devices.

Smart fan control adds convenience, functionally and energy saving features to today’s ceiling fans. With standout features such as multi-way and group control, timers, schedules and scenes, the KASTA Ceiling Fan Controller will provide comfort and energy saving features to your home or building. Suitable for new construction and retrofit installations to give you choice and convenience when purchasing a new ceiling fan or upgrading your current fan.

To learn more about KASTA Ceiling Fan Control, Please visit: https://bit.ly/38SMFCI