Design driven automation to stand out amongst the crowd

Project: The BelleVue, South Melbourne VIC
Developer – Midland Property

Situated prestigiously within the exclusive postcode of South Melbourne, The BelleVue features eleven boutique 5 level townhouses. Sophisticated in design with uncompromised interiors that redefine luxury and captivating rooftop views.
The pinnacle of luxury living is evidenced by thoughtful the design, contemporary considerations and the state-of-the-art modern fittings has continued to include KASTA Technologies home automation and controls.

KASTA Technologies package offers a ‘Living Enhanced’ experience to the buyer with scalability for future technology needs. The developer will be offering a seamless and exciting package with every property but still are time and cost-effective in the construction. In addition, meet the buyers changing lifestyle, home/work balance, ever-changing technologies and expectations of home automation delivering a project point of difference.

The Bellevue with KASTA Technologies sets a new standard of sophistication with connected lighting throughout, utilising KASTA Hesperus Integral Wall Light Switches. Enabling moods and scenes when you walk through the door as you arrive home, when you relax, when you wake up in the morning fresh, want to go to sleep easily or entertain on the signature rooftop space. It all blends to the design and quality of The Bellevue and its interior fittings that ultimately create harmonious living for all its residents. Further, The Bellevue will include a KASTA Intelligent Door Lock. Mounted proudly on the entry door into each residence, with superior security and cutting-edge technology. When you enter, it will join with the lights to create a welcome scene, when you lock up it will turn all your lighting off. The KASTA Intelligent Door Lock can even be controlled while you are away from home to let your friends of family in if you are not there.

Additionally, and due to KASTA Technologies scalability. The developer is offering upgrade packages for the purchasers to select with additional, curtain & blind control, smart power points for appliances to help conserve energy and voice control.

BelleVue South Melbourne, beautiful Inside and out. When the lines between being inside and outside blurs. Unhindered, co-existent living with nature begins.

A traditional yet sophisticated palette of materials has been chosen to emphasize the minimalistic, refined form of this modern home.

Compromising on neither style nor functionality, The BelleVue pays true respect to delivering unique sophisticated modern home with the state-of-the-art technology behind the door.

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