Powerful and cost-effective lighting control solutions for large commercial and industrial spaces

KASTA Daylight harvesting lighting control systems are designed to take full advantage of the natural light sources in your building to deliver optimal lighting performance and reductions in power costs. Implement automated lighting control solutions for large commercial and industrial spaces that dim down or ramp up your artificial lighting in response to the amount of available daylight in the space, all while maintaining the desired target lux level.

The daylight sensor and 1-10V dimmer are used together to achieve daylight harvesting control of LED Highbay lighting. Additionally, KASTA 1-10V dimmers can be used wall switch dimming control, multi-way and group control, plus automation functions such as schedules, timers and scenes.

Achieve operational excellence

  • Operation efficiency of warehouse – minimise power usage and costs for lighting, maximising available natural light, flexibility to readjust control settings and amend floorplans as required
  • OHS – always have areas perfectly lit to meet required lux levels, simplify installation and maintenance with less reliance on scissor lifts
  • Security – illuminating areas of premises to provide clear visibility from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area and added safety to pedestrians.
  • Environmental – reduce energy usage, carbon footprint, maximise natural resources, less wiring materials

Maximising energy efficiency through complete control

KASTA is an easy and effective way lighting can be controlled and managed. To ensure the right light outcomes are achieved in the right areas, wherever it is installed. Through achieving these right light outcomes, KASTA ensures no energy is wasted where it is not required.

Future-proofing the facility for the long term

KASTA has the potential to adjust and adapt to any changes a premises may undergo over its lifecycle. Lighting control can be easily reprogrammed via the KASTA App to adapt to any reconfigured or repurposed facility. Ensuring the right lighting is achieved long after KASTA is installed.

Ease of installation

For an upgrade or a new installation, KASTA is great for any scenario. Strong and reliable Bluetooth wireless connectivity between KASTA devices eliminates the need for control cabling between Highbays.  Installers can use the KASTA app to configure the devices. Also, they can quickly adjust and set the required level of light needed. This leads to saving in materials and installation time. Also minimising the reliance on costly installation equipment such as scissor lifts.

Project Business Model

Manage and minimise projects costs and risks when comparing to complicated bespoke solutions. Complete projects on time with less complexity and streamline stakeholders. KASTA fits within a profitable business model like any appliance and no added cost along the way. Simple to design and deploy in your project and build.

For more on KASTA smart devices visit: www.kasta.com.au