Retrofit! It is that easy.

Project: Watsons Grove Epping
Developer: SJD Group
Builder: Ceerose
Architect: Baker Kavanagh Architects

Watsons Grove is an oasis home in Epping’s evolving heart. A premium development of 141 residences over three buildings and 6 levels, takes an elegant approach to passive design. This project was met with industry acclaim and was a finalist for both the World Architecture Festival 2018 and Property Council Innovation Awards 2018.

It is not just about new builds – KASTA Adds Value to Post Completion (PC) Too
KASTA Technologies was invited to incorporate home automation after the completion of the building. A retrofit solution was required to convert existing apartments with Intelligent devices that can be incorporated into the property. Providing a platform for SJD Group to promote and market connected apartments to their would-be purchasers or for their already existing purchasers to promote a smart rental apartment to prospective tenants.

Traditionally a smart home installation would require a building to be under construction, or to open up the walls and rewire the entire property. Not in this case! KASTA Technologies offers genuine retrofit integration solutions without any additional cabling or major infrastructure change.

Product offering enhanced living experience
There were 13 traditionally switched lighting circuits around the apartment using HPM Arteor wall plates. All either turning On/Off the ceiling downlights, strips in the bathrooms and kitchen, stair wall lights or the balcony light.

KASTA Smart Dimmer and Relay Mech’s replaced all the 13-existing rocker mechs that were in the HPM plates to create an automated apartment from the KASTA App. But further, KASTA used many of their versatile Battery Slave Switches called the RBO2 (with a battery life of 2-3 years or 50,000 presses) to save scenes such as Welcome, Goodbye, Bedtime & Good Morning (in each bedroom), TV Mode, Entertain etc in the same wall switches as were previously there.

This being the biggest value proposition of KASTA, being able to create considerably more functionality from an existing property.
To ensure complete useability, every switch cover had a Pictogram Icon installed on it (a KASTA option extra) that signifies exactly what that button’s function is for. Pictures speak a thousand words.

The hand over process was simple too. For every time an apartment was finished, a QR code of that apartment is created in the KASTA App. Which is then downloaded, given to SJD Group and they can provide that to their purchaser or the purchaser to the tenant to scan and bingo! That person or family has access to the Smart KASTA Apartment upon arrival.


  • Each apartment took an average of 3hr and 23 minutes to complete (average 22 minutes of that was programming)
  • Original wall plates installed were HPM Arteor. So new cover plates need to be purchased according to the amount of gangs being added for functionality
  • Pictograms were custom ordered to suit the typical HPM Arteor 30mech design. However, an adapter for HPM Excel is standard in the box when purchasing a KASTA Smart Mech
  • The perfect solution
    Developer, now have the ability to offer sophisticated home controls that are time and cost effective during and post construction process, plus also provide the buyer simple and scalable home control solutions.

    Connecting you to a smarter lifestyle is quick and easy with KASTA technology. Unlike many complex smart home automation systems, KASTA uses reliable, self-networking, mesh technology to connect your home lighting and appliances. The system connects devices wirelessly, so there is no requirement for an internet or Wi-Fi connection. KASTA need only be connected to power, just like a traditional switch.

    Any electrician can install and setup your new KASTA Lifestyle Solution, and what’s more, the whole system can be easily customised and reconfigured by you at any time using the KASTA App.

    KASTA uses reliable Bluetooth connectivity, so it’s ready to go out of the box, with no internet or Wi-Fi connection required for operation.

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