Top 5 things that matter in selecting home automation

Top 5 things that matter in selecting your home automation to make your living enhanced and improve functionality

In selecting your home automation, top 5 things that matter to make your home more convenient, customised, efficient, and secure place. We discuss points that should be considered when choosing to select a home automation system to have an enhanced living lifestyle.

Simplicity Straight forward and simple to use intuitive system. KASTA automation & controls is completely modular without compromising on sophistication and delivering on exceptional experience. Based on reliable Bluetooth mesh system that is completely scalable as your future needs grow.

Personalisation KASTA Technologies enables homeowners to adjust and experiment with the automation in their home until it’s just right. No need to contract an expensive professional just to come and adjust the smallest setting anymore.

A tactile experience All the special functions of your smart home can be stored within a KASTA Technologies smart wall switch. This means that anyone of any age or technology skill can control their home even without a smartphone, tablet or voice control speaker.

Stay connected to your home Being able to view your house or apartment status and adjust your home settings on the fly. Able to open or close the garage, unlock the front door, turn the lights and power points on/off from your mobile device or tablet.

Peace of mind Enjoy peace of mind and a sense of security with KASTA Technologies by scheduling the control of lighting and blinds when away from home and controlling your front gates and doors with integrated motion sensors.

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