Curtain & blind control simplified by KASTA

Curtain and Blind Controls

Simply with ‘one-touch’ or from automated control, you can watch your curtains or blinds automatically open and close.

The KASTA Curtain Controller can offer powerful and intelligent control of curtains and blinds, whether from manual push-button mechanisms, from KASTA smart in-wall switches, via the KASTA app or from a KASTA handheld controller.

Flexibility, versatility and choice are aplenty. Beyond control methods, the installation is adaptable to the built environment, project requirements or preferred installation method. The KASTA Curtain Controller can be installed behind the wall switch or near the motor. Use the KASTA app to configure the module to your needs, including automation functions such as up, down, open, close, stop, 30 second run time, set the trim of the blind and then can be introduced into scenes and automated experiences around the home or office.

It is proven that with automated window coverings such as motorised blinds and curtains a homeowner can save up to 33% of their energy cost alone (Somfy blinds & curtains market study). Because the KASTA curtain and blind controls offer a buffer for the resident, then always having to rely on the air conditioning or heater to cool or warm up the space to a reasonable level. Making your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Curtains and blinds can be operated individually, or with a few quick taps within the KASTA app, operated as a group, which allow you to control multiple curtains and blinds at the same time. Perfect to create your desired environment for morning and evening routines. Use scenes to create an instant mood where curtains and blinds open or close along with lighting for example, in say a Goodnight scene when going to bed or a Welcome Home scene when arriving home.

Use Timers and Schedules to perform an action on a certain time or calendar-based event. Include curtains and blinds into the KASTA app Room Control feature for broader control of functions and services in a room or area. Achieve peace of mind by scheduling curtains and blinds to open and close while you’re out or on holidays to provide the illusion someone is home. Combine this with lighting control to imitate occupancy. Suitable for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, new construction and retrofit installations. The KASTA Curtain Controller offers a versatile control solution when purchasing new motorised curtains and blinds or upgrading your current window coverings.

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