Powerful and cost-effective lighting control solutions for large commercial and industrial spaces

KASTA Daylight harvesting lighting control systems are designed to take full advantage of the natural light sources in your building to deliver optimal lighting performance and reductions in power costs. Implement automated lighting control solutions for large commercial and industrial spaces that dim down or ramp up your artificial lighting in response to the amount of available daylight in the space, all while maintaining the desired target lux level.

The daylight sensor and 1-10V dimmer are used together to achieve daylight harvesting control of LED Highbay lighting. Additionally, KASTA 1-10V dimmers can be used wall switch dimming control, multi-way and group control, plus automation functions such as schedules, timers and scenes.

Achieve operational excellence

  • Operation efficiency of warehouse – minimise power usage and costs for lighting, maximising available natural light, flexibility to readjust control settings and amend floorplans as required
  • OHS – always have areas perfectly lit to meet required lux levels, simplify installation and maintenance with less reliance on scissor lifts
  • Security – illuminating areas of premises to provide clear visibility from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area and added safety to pedestrians.
  • Environmental – reduce energy usage, carbon footprint, maximise natural resources, less wiring materials

Maximising energy efficiency through complete control

KASTA is an easy and effective way lighting can be controlled and managed. To ensure the right light outcomes are achieved in the right areas, wherever it is installed. Through achieving these right light outcomes, KASTA ensures no energy is wasted where it is not required.

Future-proofing the facility for the long term

KASTA has the potential to adjust and adapt to any changes a premises may undergo over its lifecycle. Lighting control can be easily reprogrammed via the KASTA App to adapt to any reconfigured or repurposed facility. Ensuring the right lighting is achieved long after KASTA is installed.

Ease of installation

For an upgrade or a new installation, KASTA is great for any scenario. Strong and reliable Bluetooth wireless connectivity between KASTA devices eliminates the need for control cabling between Highbays.  Installers can use the KASTA app to configure the devices. Also, they can quickly adjust and set the required level of light needed. This leads to saving in materials and installation time. Also minimising the reliance on costly installation equipment such as scissor lifts.

Project Business Model

Manage and minimise projects costs and risks when comparing to complicated bespoke solutions. Complete projects on time with less complexity and streamline stakeholders. KASTA fits within a profitable business model like any appliance and no added cost along the way. Simple to design and deploy in your project and build.

For more on KASTA smart devices visit: www.kasta.com.au

KASTA Design Service

KASTA Design Service To Support KASTA Experience

KASTA offers a free design service to support the creation of a KASTA experience and indicative price to our valued builder, developer and integrator partners.

Our team use – Best in Class’ industry design technologies by certified and industry knowledgeable electrical engineers, to create a true example of what our clients can come to expect in their opportunities. Ranging from pre-packaged options based on:

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment Layout
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments Layout
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment Layout
  • Penthouse Apartment Layout
  • House and Land Package Layout
  • Townhouse Layout
  • Hotel Room Layout
  • Service Apartment Layout
  • Commercial Warehouse Layout
  • Office Layout

Or, we can design a concept completely bespoke and unique for our clients to suit anything from their demographic, budget, or project design standards.

Whether you are looking to offer a standard entry-level package or the premium package KASTA can take the guesswork and confusion out of the process for you.

Complementing your project by providing value & benefits to the whole key stakeholder chain.

  • Design all aspects for the project/s
  • Advising on products, integration and programming
  • Collaboration on the delivery schedule of the project
  • Follow up during and after install
  • Well documented and available tech support (digitally or by phone)
  • Benchmark warranty of three (3) years on all products

Well-designed smart homes and building help improve comfort, enhance lifestyle, increase the sense of security, energy efficiency and promote a sense of well-being for the end-user, investor or builder.

To learn more about KASTA Products visit the link: kasta.com.au/products

Automate your home by incorporating motion sensors to control lighting based on your movement and activity.

incorporating motion sensors to control lighting

Advantage of incorporating motion sensors to control lighting is that it can work in harmony to make your home as comfortable, secure and efficient as it can be, with as little effort required as possible.

In addition, help reduce your energy consumption through activating lighting where and when required.

incorporating motion sensors to control lighting

Increase peace of mind and sense of security by incorporating motion sensors to control lighting and various aspects of your home. With the installation of motion sensors inside & outside your home, you can detect and discourage unexpected activities or disturbances.

KASTA would like to introduce the KASTA Genesie Remote Switch Input Module KASTA-RSIBH. Capable of connecting any 240v Motion Sensor into it and then by linking the Input module wirelessly over Bluetooth to any KASTA lighting control.

incorporating motion sensors to control lighting incorporating motion sensors to control lighting

Image: KASTA Genesie Remote Switch Input Module

This becomes relevant for where you can walk into and out of a space and the lights can turn on and then off after a certain amount of time, at certain times of the day and even on a pre-set dim level.

Relevant for and not limited to the following motion sensor applications:

  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Pantry
  • Butlers Pantry
  • Flight of stairs
  • A cupboard of storage room
  • The garage when you roll your car in
  • Front or back patio for security lights
  • Night light through a hallway or even in a hotel room
  • + So Many more

“Versatility by definition – Capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavour. KASTA Genesie Remote Switch Input Module KASTA-RSIBH, very unique and versatile smart device. KASTA Living Enhanced.

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KASTA Technologies & ASSA ABLOY Proud Strategic Partnership

KASTA Technologies & ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions – Proud Strategic ANZ APAC Partners.

KASTA Technologies is proud to announce our strategic partnership with the world’s largest door lock vendor ASSA ABLOY, to provide a new generation of hotel and service apartment general room management system (GRMS) solution.

KASTA Technologies exemplifies a new generation of Hotel and Serviced Apartment GRMS solutions proven to provide energy savings, heightened guest experience and comfort, management efficiency, ongoing maintenance savings and whole of building infrastructure savings and simplicity.

KASTA Technologies & ASSA ABLOY Proud Strategic Partnership

The package allows the Hotel and Serviced Apartments to indulge the guests with user-friendly in-room control features that enhance ambience and convenience. Guests can control room lighting, temperature, power outlets, curtain opening/closing, set ‘Makeup Room’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’ status plus more from their bedside switches and others. Alternatively, if the hotel desires, the customer can control these features via a user-friendly smart device app.

With the integration of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ line of VingCard lock solutions, the KASTA system is also able to instantly determine if a guest or employee is entering or leaving the room, and can adjust in-room controls automatically to enhance energy efficiency while ensuring continued guest comfort. The integration can also provide hotels and serviced apartments with the ability to initiate welcome scenes for guests upon initial entry.

“As an innovator of hotel security solutions, we are dedicated to aligning with companies that share our vision of a future where hotels utilise cutting-edge technologies to increase guest and staff security,” says Michael Benikos, Managing Director of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Australia. “KASTA Technologies has made waves in the industry by supplying hoteliers with a user-friendly solution to allow hotels to tailor their guestroom lighting and controls to their needs in an extremely cost-efficient way.”

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions and KASTA Technologies have made a strong start in the partnership and have already integrated their solutions at the W Sydney Hotel and Hyatt Centric Melbourne, whilst also expanding into New Zealand.

“We are very humbled and very excited to be working in a strategic partnership with a global innovator and leader of the hospitality sector such as ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions – Hospitality,” says Ben Clarke, National Sales Manager of KASTA Technologies.

“Together, we have redefined a solution that provides a simplified approach to hotel investors and hoteliers alike, whilst meeting and exceeding brand standards. But, also recognising and providing confidence to the other stakeholders in the value chain being the electrical contractors and builders that are providing a functional, reliable, recognised cost saving on infrastructure solutions that also increases deployment efficiencies.”

About ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

The ASSA ABLOY Group is the global leader in access solutions. Every day, we help billions of people experience a more open world.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is dedicated to reimagining how people move through their world. Our expertise in customer journey mapping, innovation, and service design leads to the invention of new security solutions that create value for our clients and exceptional experiences for end-users.

For the hospitality market, these solutions include integrated software systems, mobile access and location solutions designed to help our customers enhance the hotel guest experience, while improving operational efficiency.

In order to provide best-in-class customer service, we offer support in more than 166 countries.

For more information on ASSA ABLOY, please visit https://www.assaabloyopeningsolutions.com.au

For more information about KASTA Technologies and its comprehensive ecosystem of products and solutions, please visit www.kasta.com.au.

Top 5 things that matter in selecting home automation

Top 5 things that matter in selecting your home automation to make your living enhanced and improve functionality

In selecting your home automation, top 5 things that matter to make your home more convenient, customised, efficient, and secure place. We discuss points that should be considered when choosing to select a home automation system to have an enhanced living lifestyle.

Simplicity Straight forward and simple to use intuitive system. KASTA automation & controls is completely modular without compromising on sophistication and delivering on exceptional experience. Based on reliable Bluetooth mesh system that is completely scalable as your future needs grow.

Personalisation KASTA Technologies enables homeowners to adjust and experiment with the automation in their home until it’s just right. No need to contract an expensive professional just to come and adjust the smallest setting anymore.

A tactile experience All the special functions of your smart home can be stored within a KASTA Technologies smart wall switch. This means that anyone of any age or technology skill can control their home even without a smartphone, tablet or voice control speaker.

Stay connected to your home Being able to view your house or apartment status and adjust your home settings on the fly. Able to open or close the garage, unlock the front door, turn the lights and power points on/off from your mobile device or tablet.

Peace of mind Enjoy peace of mind and a sense of security with KASTA Technologies by scheduling the control of lighting and blinds when away from home and controlling your front gates and doors with integrated motion sensors.

To learn more, visit:https://bit.ly/2DvLuhr

Live your best life with KASTA

Live your best life at the City’s heart in VUE Terrace Homes with KASTA

Vue Terrace Homes set in central Robina, Gold Coast’s vibrant geographic heart. Consist of 263 three-bedroom, two and a half bathroom, stand-alone terrace homes carefully crafted to make the most of the surrounding environment and inspire to live your best life at the City’s heart in VUE Terrace Homes with KASTA.

In consultation with Robina Group and Harvey Norman Commercial QLD, KASTA smart lighting & automation control was designed to deliver the latest in cutting edge technology for the VUE terrace homes.

The developer offers buyers the ability to create a space that suits them and their lifestyle with  KASTA Technologies Smart Home Controls packages that are; cost-effective in construction, simple to program and completely scalable to budget & future needs.

Upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy a brand new, low maintenance home with resort-style facilities and easy parkland access at Vue Terrace Homes and all Vue residences are offered the choice of TWO KASTA Technologies upgrade packages.

Live your best life with KASTA


Smart Lighting Control via the stylish in-wall switch controls to the common areas of the home.

These include the control of:

Garage/Laundry, Kitchen, Dining, Living, terrace, entry, stairs & Porch lights.

KASTA Fan Control for the Living area

KASTA Garage door control of Garage motor

Plus, simple KASTA app control of all devices with ‘Scenes’, schedules, timers & more.

  • KASTA Smart Dimmer Module
  • KASTA Smart Relay Switch Module
  • KASTA Smart AC Fan 3 Speed Control Module
  • KASTA Smart Remote Input Module- for multi-way, group & Scene control
  • KASTA Dry Contact Module for Garage Door Motor Control


Full Smart Lighting Control via the stylish in-wall switch controls to all lights, fans, exhaust fan/Heat Lamps in your home.

These include the control of:

Downstairs: Garage/ Laundry, Powder room, Kitchen, Dining, Living, Terrace, Entry, Porch, stairs and Upstairs: Media/study, Bathroom, Bedroom 2 & 3, Master Bedroom, WIR, En-suite & Balcony.

KASTA Fan Control in the Living, Media, Bedroom 2 & 3.

KASTA Garage door control of Garage motor

Plus, simple app control of all devices with ‘Scenes’, schedules, timers & more.

  • KASTA Smart Dimmer Module
  • KASTA Smart Relay Switch Module
  • KASTA Smart AC Fan 3 Speed Control Module
  • KASTA Smart Remote Input Module- for multi-way, group & Scene control
  • KASTA Dry Contact Module for Garage Door Motor Control

 Other KASTA Smart Device options available:

  • Curtain / Blind Controls
  • Voice Activation Control via Google or Alexa
  • Remote Access Control
  • Smart PowerPoints
  • Front Door or Pedestrian Gate Control
  • Outdoor Electric Heaters
  • PIR Sensor Control
  • Heated Towel Rail Control
  • Lights, RGBW Downlights, RGB Strip Lighting, Lamps for ambience
  • Irrigation Control & more..

Robina Group, have the ability to offer sophisticated home controls that are time and cost-effective in the construction process. Also creating advantage value proposition in the market provide the buyer simple and scalable home control solutions, while delivering ‘Living Enhanced’ experience to the buyer.

For more on KASTA visit: www.kasta.com.au

For more information of the Vue Terrace Homes visit: vueterracehomes.com.au

And Harvey Norman Commercial Qld. www.harveynormanhomeautomationqld.com.au/

Curtain & blind control simplified by KASTA

Curtain and Blind Controls

Simply with ‘one-touch’ or from automated control, you can watch your curtains or blinds automatically open and close.

The KASTA Curtain Controller can offer powerful and intelligent control of curtains and blinds, whether from manual push-button mechanisms, from KASTA smart in-wall switches, via the KASTA app or from a KASTA handheld controller.

Flexibility, versatility and choice are aplenty. Beyond control methods, the installation is adaptable to the built environment, project requirements or preferred installation method. The KASTA Curtain Controller can be installed behind the wall switch or near the motor. Use the KASTA app to configure the module to your needs, including automation functions such as up, down, open, close, stop, 30 second run time, set the trim of the blind and then can be introduced into scenes and automated experiences around the home or office.

It is proven that with automated window coverings such as motorised blinds and curtains a homeowner can save up to 33% of their energy cost alone (Somfy blinds & curtains market study). Because the KASTA curtain and blind controls offer a buffer for the resident, then always having to rely on the air conditioning or heater to cool or warm up the space to a reasonable level. Making your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Curtains and blinds can be operated individually, or with a few quick taps within the KASTA app, operated as a group, which allow you to control multiple curtains and blinds at the same time. Perfect to create your desired environment for morning and evening routines. Use scenes to create an instant mood where curtains and blinds open or close along with lighting for example, in say a Goodnight scene when going to bed or a Welcome Home scene when arriving home.

Use Timers and Schedules to perform an action on a certain time or calendar-based event. Include curtains and blinds into the KASTA app Room Control feature for broader control of functions and services in a room or area. Achieve peace of mind by scheduling curtains and blinds to open and close while you’re out or on holidays to provide the illusion someone is home. Combine this with lighting control to imitate occupancy. Suitable for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, new construction and retrofit installations. The KASTA Curtain Controller offers a versatile control solution when purchasing new motorised curtains and blinds or upgrading your current window coverings.

To learn more about KASTA Curtain and blind Controls, Please visit: https://bit.ly/2OMMsHS

Ceiling Fan Controls – The most exciting addition to modern ceiling fans is the ability to install smart controls

Beyond traditional methods we expect many different ways to interact with our ceiling fans today and with the recent addition of smart controls, there is now more choice than ever.

The KASTA Bluetooth Ceiling Fan Controller delivers versatile and clever ways to control your ceiling fans, such as from – wireless multi-way push button wall switches, the KASTA app on your mobile device or by using a handheld remote, where all incorporate on, off and 3-speed control.

Enhance your lifestyle with added comfort and convenience. Tailor the control to fit into your lifestyle and the way you live. Simplify daily operations when controlling one or multiple ceiling fans. Increase your energy efficiency by controlling the ceiling fans in a room by introducing convenient, seamless and intelligent control prior to reaching for the air conditioning controller.

Utilising KASTA’s group control feature, multiple ceiling fans can be combined in a single area or even across multiple rooms for control at the same time from a single button push. Switch multiple fans on, off and change speeds seamlessly and easily. Save energy by switching all fans off when leaving or at the end of the day.

KASTA automation functions allow you to create your desired environment whether relaxing or entertaining, using functions such as scenes, schedules and timers. Incorporate ceiling fans with other KASTA devices such as lighting or curtains and blinds for broader automated control of a room, area or entire home/building. Good Morning and Master Off scenes take on a whole new meaning with more functions and devices.

Smart fan control adds convenience, functionally and energy saving features to today’s ceiling fans. With standout features such as multi-way and group control, timers, schedules and scenes, the KASTA Ceiling Fan Controller will provide comfort and energy saving features to your home or building. Suitable for new construction and retrofit installations to give you choice and convenience when purchasing a new ceiling fan or upgrading your current fan.

To learn more about KASTA Ceiling Fan Control, Please visit: https://bit.ly/38SMFCI

Design driven automation to stand out amongst the crowd

Project: The BelleVue, South Melbourne VIC
Developer – Midland Property

Situated prestigiously within the exclusive postcode of South Melbourne, The BelleVue features eleven boutique 5 level townhouses. Sophisticated in design with uncompromised interiors that redefine luxury and captivating rooftop views.
The pinnacle of luxury living is evidenced by thoughtful the design, contemporary considerations and the state-of-the-art modern fittings has continued to include KASTA Technologies home automation and controls.

KASTA Technologies package offers a ‘Living Enhanced’ experience to the buyer with scalability for future technology needs. The developer will be offering a seamless and exciting package with every property but still are time and cost-effective in the construction. In addition, meet the buyers changing lifestyle, home/work balance, ever-changing technologies and expectations of home automation delivering a project point of difference.

The Bellevue with KASTA Technologies sets a new standard of sophistication with connected lighting throughout, utilising KASTA Hesperus Integral Wall Light Switches. Enabling moods and scenes when you walk through the door as you arrive home, when you relax, when you wake up in the morning fresh, want to go to sleep easily or entertain on the signature rooftop space. It all blends to the design and quality of The Bellevue and its interior fittings that ultimately create harmonious living for all its residents. Further, The Bellevue will include a KASTA Intelligent Door Lock. Mounted proudly on the entry door into each residence, with superior security and cutting-edge technology. When you enter, it will join with the lights to create a welcome scene, when you lock up it will turn all your lighting off. The KASTA Intelligent Door Lock can even be controlled while you are away from home to let your friends of family in if you are not there.

Additionally, and due to KASTA Technologies scalability. The developer is offering upgrade packages for the purchasers to select with additional, curtain & blind control, smart power points for appliances to help conserve energy and voice control.

BelleVue South Melbourne, beautiful Inside and out. When the lines between being inside and outside blurs. Unhindered, co-existent living with nature begins.

A traditional yet sophisticated palette of materials has been chosen to emphasize the minimalistic, refined form of this modern home.

Compromising on neither style nor functionality, The BelleVue pays true respect to delivering unique sophisticated modern home with the state-of-the-art technology behind the door.

For more on KASTA Technologies visit: kasta.com.au
For more on The BelleVue, South Melbourne by Midland Property visit: bellevuesouthmelbourne.com.au